Shopify Customer Analytics Powered by Data from Your Customers

From products to customers, Conversific gives you the tools to help you capitalize on merchandising opportunities.

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Award winning analytics solution


Uncover product insights that drive revenue growth

Product insights that help you manage inventory, make pricing decisions, understand seasonal buying trends, and increase your revenue.

Conversific makes it painless to find your best selling products and under-performing products.

Completely everything that happened with your products since you’ve started your business in a stunning one-pager.

Our kickass algorithms tell you which products would benefit from being packaged together.

You are that Excel Wizard type, right? We’ve got you covered, everything is exportable to CSV or XLS.

Build up a perfect category tree is savage? Not anymore. Everything you’ve ever needed about your categories in one page.


Build detailed customer profiles that help you sell

The better you know someone, the easier it is to sell to them. For each of your customers, Conversific builds a detailed view of their actions, their contact details, their order history, product interaction and revenue.

Understand who your loyal customers are, so you can sell more. Choose from 10+ unique customer segments.

Completely everything that happened with your customers since you’ve started your business in a stunning one-pager.

Supercharge your email marketing with powerful customer segments. VIP? Slipping away? First time buy? Communicate different.

Award winning analytics solution