What's Next in the Social Media Marketing World [2021]

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Today, Social media marketing implies using social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., to create an awareness of the brand, build trust, drive sales, and increase the website traffic. 

Brands post content on their social media profiles to engage the audience, gather more attention, understand their preferences and get the most out of their target audience. 

What will the social media marketing world look like next year, what innovations are on the horizon?

When it first started, the social media marketing world was about just publishing to generate more traffic for the website. The sale part was merely a hope. But, today, it has matured far beyond that. It isn’t just about broadcasting content anymore. 

Brands are using social media marketing for many reasons; say an instance, if any business is concerned about what its users have to say about it, it will follow the social media conversations taking place via shares and mentions (social media listening). 

Likewise, if some other brand wants to examine its reach, demographics, psychographics it would use the the analytical features available. 

Social Media Marketing Is Ringing A Bell, Tirelessly!

It comes as no surprise that social media is consistently gaining popularity. There are over 3.6 billion social media users globally, and this number is expected to reach 4.41 billion by 2025.

Consumer behavior has witnessed a massive change in the year 2020, and making adjustments accordingly has become essential. As per statistics, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. Brands need to follow trends and formulate more robust strategies to grow and sustain that growth. 

However, it is pretty much obvious that the skepticism in fathoming what the evolution of social media marketing will look like in the year 2021, especially after the rapid changes that 2020 brought in the digital caboodle, might be confusing. 

So, we have pinned down some trends that will help you boost your social media marketing efforts. 

The Social Media World in 2021 - Content

Social Media Marketing Trends For 2021

SEO Drives Organic Visibility

When it comes to marketing on Instagram, there are a few things that marketers need to follow, the first being SEO and the second being Reels. 

In 2020, Instagram made an official statement stating that it would become more search-friendly. Now you need not perform a search by using a hashtag on Instagram. Any keyword can present forth the related videos and pictures. This would increase the opportunities for marketers to get more reach. To get benefits from this, make sure that you are using keywords related to the post. 

Further to this, Instagram’s new UI update puts reels front and center, showcasing that Instagram reels are here to stay. By using these two features, brands can increase their visibility and entice users ideal for their brand.

Social Commerce

Social commerce is going to continue growing in 2021. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as a social commerce platform have made it easier for the customers to go from discovery to final purchase without even leaving the platform, creating an easy and efficient path to purchase. 

In 2021, brands can reach places that matter through social commerce, create a frictionless shopping experience, take advantage of the boom in e-commerce, partner with micro-influencers to boost credibility and reach, and finally have a drastic improvement in sales.

Humanizing Brands

Now it has become more than important to be transparent, original, and sometimes even vulnerable for the customers to connect more with the brand. This means that the brands should be able to showcase what and who they stand for. Hence creating more content and letting the audience know your core values. 

UGC is a great way to portray those values. When your users generate content mentioning you, the impact is long-lasting. More people would be excited to be a part of your brand’s journey. Brands connected to their users on an emotional level are more likely to fetch eye-balls and eventually action.

The Success Of Facebook Ads Is Linked To Customer Lifecycle

Facebook ads’ cost is set to rise continuously, which makes coming back to the basics of running an ad campaign on Facebook critical for success. But to attain this, assessing the customer life cycle and the average customer value to understand how much you can pay for the lead and still be commercial with precision is essential. 

Review your records to get proper know-how of when and how you get a lead, when it converts into a paying customer, and how much, on average, does the customer spend with you. Now with these projections in place, draft your Facebook advertising strategy with innovation, reflecting your actual data.

The trend of virtual events started out of necessity. Still, it will stay as businesses have realized that by going virtual, they opened up their event to a new demographic entirely as they became far more accessible than previously and those that happen in person. There are no travel costs and other restrictions involved, which allows for higher participation and indefinitely better ROI. 

The key to making a big bang at the event is creative imagination which is potent enough to drive engagement. Fancy, fun content that keeps the audience anticipating what’s coming their way, is a popular way to drive engagement, as it would ignite conversations. 

Virtual events are a new trend in the social media marketing world that are here to say.

Challenges in 2021 - A Cookie Free Future?

Changes to social media platforms are being driven by changing consumer requirements for the need for privacy. iOS14 for example directly effect we receive and process conversion events in Facebook, greatly impacting the ability to track users, and therefore reduce the about of data available about iOS14 users.  This in turn is requiring a change to the implementation of the Facebook pixel, so beware that updates will need to be made soon.

In addition to Apples changes in data handling, Google will no longer support third party cookies from 2022.  Therefore you will need to re-assess your entire website/social media tools ecosystem in 2021 to ensure you are prepared for the huge changes coming your way.  Safe to say however, that the end of 3rd party cookie support by Google will not mean the end of tracking.

If you are reliant on cookie based retargeting other than Google’s own for sales, then this will effect you the most.  Expect the cost of advertising to rise across all channels.

Keep any eye out for innovative upstarts that will challenge the current leading tools with established ways of doing things.  Mainstream tools will find it harder to adapt, just by their well established nature they will be less agile, needing to update legacy systems and outdated features.


The social media marketing world is innovative and constantly changing. To keep up with the pace, you need to understanding your audience through your customer analytics as well as the social media platforms you are using to target those audiences.

Social media tools are essential for communication, tools fed with a consistent messaging across all channels, this is key to raising awareness of your brand. UGC will dominate in the year ahead; and the focus should be laid upon organic growth, showcasing your brand’s personality.  Keep the content short and crisp as the attentive span of the audience has reduced a lot in recent years.

Follow these strategies to amp up your brand’s performance by curating hard-hitting and on-target marketing strategies. 

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