Top 10 Shopify Apps To Build Your Webstore’s Revenue

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It doesn’t matter if you are just starting or a heavy Shopify user, or just thinking about establishing your first webstore store on Shopify. There are tools that can make your Shopify operations far easier, more efficient and effective than you would have thought possible, and these come in the form of addons known as Shopify apps. 

With so many Shopify apps we thought to provide a list of the best, a recommended go-to list that are easy to install to save you time.

It’s not about just building an online store, the apps below will help you to make it successful. Here is the 10 must-have Shopify apps that you should seriously think about integrating in your Shopify store. I’ll break it down to categories to make sure we cover all areas of intervention.

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Digital Marketing

OptiMonk: (61 Reviews)

OptiMonk is one of the leading providers of Exit-Intent Popup technology and has one of the few Shopify apps that works seamlessly. OptiMonk is literally the most powerful onsite retargeting tool available, and approaches this conversion optimization functionality in a unique way. It empowers its users to build custom messages based on their prospect’s specific behaviors enabling them  to retarget them with the most relevant offers as possible. 

OptiMonk believes in the power of personalization and believes it gives you the best possible chance to convert your prospect into a customer. For those customers who aren’t quite ready to buy, you can retarget them to join your newsletter and convert them into leads and continue to nurture the relationship. OptiMonk has been proven to increase conversion rates by up to 15% which results in more sales.  You can sign up for a 14 days free trial, and its price varies between $29.00 – $399.00 / month. By the way it takes only 1-minute to setup and you can start creating your campaigns. Easy to be integrated with all your systems

  • Newsletter integration (MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Soundest, Verticalresponse, etc.)
  • List Segmentation
  • Ecommerce Integration (WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, BIGCommerce, PrestaShop, Volusion, Joomla, etc.)
  • Google Analytics Integration

Swell Rewards: (1645 Reviews)  It’s a fact: businesses that earn more of their revenue from repeat customers are more likely to be successful. Not only does it cost less to earn an additional purchase from a repeat customer, but repeat customers spend three to ten times more per transaction than first-time visitors! Swell is an innovative, easy-to-administer rewards program and Shopify app for your growing business. They allow you to quickly and easily  reward your customers for interacting with your business: following you on social media, signing up for your newsletter, retweeting some of your content, referring their friends to your site, and of course, purchasing from you both in-store and online!

  • Proven-effective rewards program, referral program, and email capture for Shopify stores…all in one easy-to-use app!
  • With over 10 unique ways to reward your customers and enterprise-level customization tools, your program will be a perfect extension of your brand!
  • Benefit from our generous free plan: virtually all of our reward options and many other features are 100% free to use until you reach 100 orders/month!

 All users start on Bronze plan, which is free up to 100 orders/month. All plans include an unlimited number of customers! And its price varies between $29.00 – $699.00 / month. For the facility of integration, they set up their default program on your site automatically when you install! Then, spend few minutes in your Swell account to customize your program to your liking. It can easily be integrated with: Mailchimp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify POS, Klaviyo, Soundest,, YotPo Reviews, SocialShopWave etc.


Sales Pop: (3438 Reviews) 

Sales Pop has been one of the most popular Shopify free apps, with 25,000 active users and more than 3,400 reviews. Leveraging the power of social proof, Sales Pop helps create the sense of a busy store by displaying notifications of recent sales on the corner when someone visits the website. Once installed, the app automatically syncs with store’s data to retrieve latest successfully orders and turn them into notification popup, like the following:

  • Boost sales by providing social proof of recent sales on your store to create buying confidence
  • Build trust and authenticity on your brand to increase customer engagement.
  • Create a positive buying environment and level up customer experience.

The best part about Sales Pop, it is absolutely for free and super easy to setup. Also can be integrated with: Better Coupon Box, CheckoutBoost, Happy Email, Beeketing, SellMob,…

FirePush: (361 Reviews) 

Recovering abandoned carts and boost sales by up to 30% Firepush delivers increased sales because it is able to accurately track your customer’s behaviour. This means that whenever your customer abandons a cart, they will immediately receive a message with a reminder or offer, helping you guarantee a sale every time. Reminders are sent 20 mins, 1 hour and 24 hours after the cart has been abandoned – timings that have been carefully tested to deliver only the best results. And because Web Push Notifications are immediate and web browser based, they are guaranteed to hit your customer wherever they are on the web 24/7.  You can always sign up for free to use FirePush (1000 pushes per month), but if you want to push harder you can upgrade your account. The price varies between $25.00 – $150.00 / month.

One last thing it is super easy and fast to integrate within your Shopify store, you can check the setup process here.

Social Media

Shoppable Instagram Galleries (91 Reviews)

Shoppable Instagram app is the most complete Instagram app for Shopify. As a small store owner, you will love its simplicity. As Instagram guru, you will love our enterprise-level features.

  • Allow shoppers to Add to Cart directly from your Instagram photos
  • Embed shoppable Instagram galleries & carousels anywhere
  • Simple in use + Every feature you may need + Fanatical support = Shoppable Instagram

 You can sign up for a 14 days free trial, and its price varies between $8.99 – $39.00 / month. All you have to do to get started is connect your Instagram account to fetch images for your first gallery, curate images and easily tag products on them using the dashboard. Since it is an Instagram related app, it can only be integrated with Instagram.

Social Media Stream: (320 Reviews)

 Quickly integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… or any social profile on your Shopify store with just one app so you can gain more social followers and never worry about manually embedding social posts on your store. This is the top Social Media app any Shopify merchants would need on their store.

  • Make your store socially dynamic for Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Pinterest / Tumblr / Pinterest / VK / …
  • Gain social media followers
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on embedding pictures and posts

By the way it is a free app, you don’t need to pay any penny to use it, how cool is that? And the cooler thing, it is just a 1 Click install.


Sufio: (71 Reviews) 

Sufio is an Internet based billing software meant for the small and medium scaled businesses. It is an online application that is a smart and simple way of issuing and sending invoices to your clients. The Service is based on SaaS (“software as a service”) model, allowing you to send your clients professional-looking invoices through us. With Sufio paperwork is no longer scary and stressful, you can integrate the app to your Shopify store, automate it and sit back, as simple as that. Sufio makes running a Shopify store so much easier by helping you send customizable invoices and thank you notes to customers after each transaction.  You can sign up for a 14 days free trial, and its price varies between $9.00 – $49.00 / month. Setting up your account is pretty fast and easy, also the support team is really helpful and quick when it comes to responding to questions. Sufio can be integrated with Soundest, Spently, Kit, Coin.

Unify: (52 Reviews)

Unify Enterprise allows you to run your online retail company from a single location. Manage sales transactions from multiple channels, including multiple Shopify stores, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. 

  • Automate and schedule accounting posts by connecting Shopify sales data and expenses directly into QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Sync and post Shopify orders as sales receipts, sales orders, or invoices in accounting
  • Assign sales transactions to the appropriate accounts, based on payment method, discounts, promotions, and more
  • You can even schedule consolidated posts to QuickBooks or NetSuite, extending the life of your accounting software

Automate accounting, record marketplace fees and expenses, and reconcile accounts for marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

Unfortunately this app doesn’t offer a free trial (we still recommend it anyway), and its price varies between $39.00 – $499.00 / annually.


Quick Announcement Bar: (1690 Reviews)

Always keeping your customers in the loop about your business updates, promotions, and special events is a key element of managing customer relationship. Informing them with an auto-display banner on your website is a simple but effective way to achieve this. Quick Announcement Bar makes that even easier and quicker. 

  • A banner can be configured within 30 seconds by utilizing our curated templates
  • Auto-scheduling, you can create as many bars as you want for the next several months, the App automatically schedules them and selects the right one to display
  • Call to action button on the banner, 1-click, visitors will dash to the page that you want them to go to

Performance tracking on call-to-actions, so that you know which message works the best to engage your customers

You can sign up for a 14 days free trial, and its price varies between $29.00 – $399.00 / month. The beauty of this app besides being useful, it is free of charges.

Happy Customers Bar: (534 Reviews) Happy customers is a customizable bar showing the number of orders your store has processed, which you can place either at the top or bottom of your Shopify store.

  • Display the number of orders your store has processed
  • Establish trust & boost profits

Easy to install & use

Happy Customer Bar is a free app as well, and it has been proven to increase significantly conversion rates. After we went through the 10 Shopify revenue catalyzers, here is a frosting on the cake. I have another bonus Shopify app for you, categorized as reporting and business intelligence. Conversific: 

Conversific is a Business Intelligence Platform with a focus on Shopify and has a Shopify app but also with WooCommerce.  It helps eCommerce site owners to unlock hidden revenue in their data and boost their store’s performance by delivering actionable business insights. Here is the solutions it provides:

  • All important ecommerce based data in one place.
  • In a comprehensive but easy-to-understand way.
  • Smart insights about products, categories, marketing channels and customers.

Actionable tips and advices from eCommerce gurus about what to do with the data.

Beyond opportunities of increasing sales, you can also identify the bottlenecks where your business is losing money. Data-based optimization is the key to reducing your costs and growing your business. It covers the data of the 4 important optimizations of your Shopify store:

  • Product optimization
  • Category optimization
  • Customer optimization

Marketing Optimization

Conclusion Setting up an online store nowadays can take you no longer than couple of weeks, but building a sustainable revenue-generating one requires using good apps to catalyze your store’s revenue. All these apps have in common thousands of users, reviews and success stories with their customers. Are you writing your online success story? Feel free to share it with us, we’d love to hear from you. Beyond using the right apps, there are plenty of ways to improve your success, such as monetizing your store’s data and insights. To learn more about using data to increase your sales, checkout the eBook we created with “10 Data-Driven Hacks to Boost Your Shopify Store’s Revenue”. Download it FREE today! free guide for shopify stores

Actionable Analytics for Shopify Stores

Conversific help you optimize your traffic and conversion, gather better data and grow online sales 📈.

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