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The thank you page, being a part of the selling and marketing campaign, plays a crucial role in your business’s success. 

Thank you pages are the pages on your site that are unlike any other page of your website. They stand out from other pages by playing a significant role in customer relationship management as it helps in converting your users or customers into loyal and lifetime customers. 

There are more chances of a person re-buying from your store than purchasing for the first time.

Thank you pages mostly appear on the visitors’ screen after payment pages or filled in a form. The landing page is where a potential customer on a lead fills out the form, landing page is just another step into the sales funnel. The landing page redirects you to the thank you page after you have filled out the form or have made a purchase.

Saying thank you is taught to us since childhood. By doing so in the right manner makes your customer feel appreciated.  So a thank you page not only shows your gratitude to the customer for buying your product or subscribing to your services, but it can also urge them to contact you again for more services and products.

Why thank you pages are necessary

No marketer or any person running a business, small or big, should ignore the benefits of a thank you page. 

Suppose a marketer or a salesperson thinks that selling a product to the customer once has completed their engagement with the customer and have fulfilled the purpose of making a sale. Such an approach is a wasted opportunity because your interaction with the customer does not end with the sale.  Showing gratitude and cross-marketing your other products to them increases the likelihood that they will buy from your site in the future.  Knowing your customer is central to this exercise which is knowable though your customer analytics such as what Conversific supplies.

The Thank you page is not just an opportunity to cross-sell but also to upsell, make sure that if the customer has purchased a product, they might be interested in related products. Most people tend to buy from their trusted sites to turn your one-time customer into your lifetime customer, and it will also make sure that they will not like to purchase products from any other store.

The importance of thank you page

Many businesses ignore the importance of a thank you page, but the businesses that do so may not be doing very well as the businesses that focus on their thank you pages. You can learn that from the statistics. Businesses that use their thank you pages and by used, I don’t mean that saying thank you to your customers for their order purchase. You utilize your thank-you page by asking them to subscribe to your services a newsletter or show them related products they can buy.  In simple words, don’t even let your gratitude go to waste, and strike when it’s hot, so the relationship with your customer can become more assertive.

The landing page may have converted your visitor into your lead or customer, but your marketing campaign does not just end there. Your thank you page should be designed so that it grabs your visitor’s attention before they try to leave your site after making a purchase. People will not pay much attention to your thank you page, so you must design it very critically. There should be no chance that anyone will leave your thank you page without subscribing to your newsletter or get more information regarding your services. Thank you pages can also be used to promote your products and services. You can also ask your customers to share your website with other potential customers.

Tips for creating thank you pages

You need to be creative and critical when it comes to designing your thank you page

Your gratitude should be genuine and sincere. 

Most of the space on your thank you page will be taken by your thank you message, so also focus on showing appreciation creatively by personalizing your message. You can use the customer’s name and tell them how thankful you are for them to buy a product or service. On the rest of the thank you page, you can promote your website and product. 

If you are going to add share or call to action buttons, which can also play an essential part in a marketing campaign, by the way, try to add them in such a way that they are prominent enough and also place them on such a spot on your thank you page where they can’t be ignored. Following are some tips to get you started on designing and implementing your thank you page:


Promotion is a crucial part of any sales funnel. None of your website pages should be left without promoting your products. And thank you pages play the most critical factor in the promotion of your products. As the customer has already purchased and gone through to the complete sales funnel journey, they won’t overthink buying the product if they like it when you show them related products. You may have mostly noticed ‘items you may want’ or ‘more products like these’ sections on most of the thank you pages when you order something or make a purchase.

Add subscription buttons:

Once the customer has made a purchase, they are most likely to subscribe to your newsletter or blog and website to get more information regarding new products, sales, promotions, discounts, etc. You can ask your visitors and customers to sign up for your newsletter, which is also a great way to create and extend your email list.

Offer discounts:

Sometimes the words are not enough to thank your customers, so you can also offer your customers coupons and discounts for their next purchase. Even if the customers are not likely to purchase from your site again, they will be urged to buy from you again if you provide them a time-bound coupon. When they are looking for new products to use their voucher, they might even find new products of their liking, and your website reach will also increase.

Interaction with your customers

A thank you page is a great way to fulfill your purpose of getting to know your customers, and you also get feedback regarding your products and website. Feedbacks can always help you do better. You can use the thank you page to ask your customers and visitors for feedback or any queries they have so that you can continually improve your business and learn about people’s preferences.

Thank you page examples

Constant Contact:

As one of the leading online marketing tools, Constant Contact has left no less when designing their thank you pages. As you can see, it is not a confusing thank you page or a page with too much content. It’s relatively simple. On the top, it has offered the option to sign up for their online marketing services. It has also given access to more information on the top. This thank you page is shown to the lead after they fill the form on the landing page. It is a minimalist example of a thank you page witch delivers the message concisely and gives a very prominent button to go to the library to get more access to the services.

constant contact


Kickresume is an online book shop. This thank you page is very much to my liking because it does not have too much content and excellent content design and placement so that none of the buttons are ignored. As you can see, it offers you social media share buttons to share your book with your friends, and in that way, they are also promoting your website and business.


This is a convenient thank you page as instead of giving a link to your customers to download what they have purchased from your site, you have enabled them to download it from the thank you page. Your customers would appreciate this. It will save time, and they can also access their purchase quickly.

Practical eCommerce

Practical eCommerce offers marketing and Advertising, along with many other services. This thank you page is also very convenient. But as we have discussed the thank you page with the download button, we should also see an example of a thank you page with the subscribers’ double opt option. This thank you page shows that customers can check their email for confirmation and it also guides them on how to subscribe to their email list. This thank you page also gives a ‘contact us’ option if you haven’t received your confirmation email in your inbox. You can extend your email list using this feature on your thank you page.

practical eCommerce

The bottom line

When it comes to running a business, selling a product does not mean that you are done with the purpose of business. Interacting and marketing your product to your one-time customers are much more beneficial to your business; than looking for new prospects. Do not stop at selling a product but also show gratitude and promote your product collectively through a thank you page to keep your marketing campaign going.

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