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Certainly the question of how the new GDPR policy will affect conversion rates of Shopify stores concerns many of us. Luckily there is a solution to hand, you need to find a Shopify GDPR App, which will solve this problem, and we’d like to help you exactly with that!In order to make your Shopify store GDPR compliant, beyond modifying the Terms and Services and the Privacy Policy, you need to make some modifications. And if the changes are not user-friendly, it can have a negative effect your conversion rate.

If we don’t handle user data in a transparent way, the trust you have worked hard to earn can be lost.


Which Shopify GDPR App should we use?

We need to ensure customers can easily retrieve information stored about them, they are able to modify them easily and ultimately, and if they wish, they completely erase the data from our system.

Each of these elements is a column of trust for our users. Before we begin to target them with marketing activities, we need to show a Cookie Pop-Up, in which we inform them of how their data is used.

The first and most important question, is are there any solution in the Shopify App store currently to handle all of this, and how much will it cost you exactly?


free shopify gdpr app

Well, I’ve got a couple of great news for you.

We reviewed the current solutions and summarized them in the table below, that which are the most critical viewpoints You should take into consideration during the implementation:

shopify gdpr app comparison

As you can see among the solutions we have examined only one gives a 100% solution, which combines all of the functions and hit the expectations. This is the  EasyGDPR.

The support is quite fast, it is improving week by week and it is completely free for every Shopify store.

Try it yourself, and solve your administrative tasks regarding the GDPR with one click: https://apps.shopify.com/easy-gdpr

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