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Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform; however, it’s far from perfect.  You should consider the Shopify alternatives especially with regards to specific features. One issue is that their reporting and dashboard provision is limited to Shopify Data only; the problem is that the world outside of their platform entirely relies upon Google analytics.  Unfortunately, when looking at the Shopify alternatives, there is nothing better available, each of the Shopify alternatives has greater weaknesses.  

But please don’t just take my word on this.  Check-out the competition.

Here we could list up all of their competitors and break down the benefits and flaws of each, but then, Shopify would be at the top, and why would readers want to know about inferior products?  Below we focus on how to make Shopify even better.

The team at Conversific, did just that, make their own solution for problems encountered, rather than accepting an inferior product they decided to improve Shopify by providing key features that were missing by combining Shopify data and Google Analytics datasets. 

Conversific is much more than just another Analytics app, but rather a customer-driven insights app, providing customer reporting and analytics that utilizes Shopify data and Google Analytics data.

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Then the team considered what Shopify alternative was most popular and found that WooCommerce for WordPress was the top dog, primarily because it was free to install.  Their users suffered as well, but for different reasons; while Google analytics was by far the most commonly used analytics platform, supplying independent data,  it was often misused.  Let’s face it, GA is overly complicated, not user-friendly at all.

Why Use Google Analytics

Simply put, Google Analytics is the industry-standard tool that everyone installs. You need an account and must install the tracking anyway before you can create a Google Ads account, but why use anything else since Google Ads is one of the most effective advertising platforms everyone uses.

Conversific provides a way to install GA on both WordPress (for Woocommerce) and Shopify, which prevents errors during the setup process by making it a single click install once the account is created.  Moreover, the team made it possible to use a single Conversific account for many stores (if the stores use the same GA account) if you have the need.

Data-Driven Decision Making - The Value of eCommerce Data

If you have an eCommerce store, then you have oodles of eCommerce data – if it has been running proactively for more than a few months, but it’s not just the amount of data; it’s about what you do with it. Most store owners underutilize it and, therefore, can’t make the best possible decisions.

Regarding your data, consider the answers to the questions.

  • How do you access it
  • How do you interpret it (correctly!!!)
  • How do you leverage it
  • How do you know your store is performing well or not?
  • If underperforming, then what is holding you back? What is the problem?

To make the best decisions about your customers and your store, you need the best possible understanding of your customers through the data they give you.

Benchmark Your Shopify Store Performance

However, even then armed with your customer data, in isolation, your store data does not provide sufficient data to know how well it’s performing vs. others in your niche. Conversific enables you to benchmark your store against the industry average. 

Analytics Dashboards are an eCommerce platform norm used to display data in an understandable form; however, the Shopify analytics dashboard only displays their data, as do GA and Facebook or Google Ads.  Siloed data is far from ideal.

Conversific brings all this data together in a holistic fashion under a single dashboard, so you don’t need to switch between various SaaS programs.  Moreover, and consequently, Conversific provides more and better insights than any of the individual platforms alone.

All data is easily exported via CSV or XLSX, ready for further analysis or upload into automation platforms.  Segment, import, and target new audiences with ease.  You can even compare data over time throughout the stored data period (5 years max).

Last Words

Before looking elsewhere to Shopify alternatives, check out what is available via testing Conversific or other third-party apps to see whether your needs can be met using these.

Many of the criticisms of old that you find using a Google search are out of date.  For example, one prior criticism of Shopify was that it could not scale to handle many 1000’s products, a criticism that has long since been disproved by major brands adopting Shopify PRO. 

Shopify is the most complete,  tried and tested option and cost-effective if you think outside the box for adding additional features.  The Shopify App store supplies ample opportunity to add additional features with 3rd party plugins that address the weaknesses of the core functionality.

So, before going all-in on Shopify PRO or looking at alternatives to Shopify, test Conversific first.

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