Conversific Raised 500,000 USD 🎉​

3 Min. Read
We have some very exciting news to share. We’ve closed our first ever fundraising round and successfully raised 500 000 USD, a Seed round from one of the biggest Central European investment fund called Hiventures, member of the MFB Group. Thanks to this investment round we now can work faster on providing you with more intelligence, enabling data-driven decisions for you in an easy manner. We’ve already developed a new AI based solution which is capable of analyzing your purchase funnel and to compare it with other stores in your niche.
Why we raised this money?
Web analytics is a must have for ecommerce. Kind of everybody knows that. Google Analytics is one of the most popular solutions and it is free.  Who would possibly want more, right? Wrong.
  • It has a steep learning curve.
  • It’s not always accurate.
  • It’s complicated to set up correctly and takes a lot of time.
  • Producing the right kind of data relevant for your store is also complicated and time consuming.
  • Analyzing the relevant data is requires lots of experience.
We have 10+ years in ecommerce so we’ve felt the pain that you are feeling and we decided to create a solution for ourselves at first and it turned into something very powerful and we decided to share it with the world. Conversific can help store owners have a clear picture of their store’s performance, it’s easy to set up, and it’s more accurate than Google Analytics because we use data from your store. Also Conversific is a software designed to specifically serve the needs of an ecommerce store owner. So it contains the most relevant, industry standard reports of ecommerce analytics and able to speak to store owners in a way they can understand. We are about to make an even more significant announcement soon, so stay on the lookout! Yours in analytics, Team Conversific