How Instagram Can Help You Grow Your Ecommerce Sales?

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Over the years Instagram has briskly stepped the stones of success and emerged as one of the best social media platforms for promoting business, it is no-longer just a photo-sharing application. 

Instagram, known for its great user reach, has been successful in passing an important milestone, crossing the remarkable benchmark of 1 billion monthly active users. If we talk about product and business promotion or social media marketing, Instagram leads the way in social selling. 

With over five hundred million daily active users, Instagram provides you an extraordinary platform to sell, advertise, and promote your eCommerce business. Although, it is not just about posting images or videos, what really matters is quality content and attaining good reach with your content. Nearly half of the monthly active users engage and log in daily on this social media application.

What makes Instagram different from other social media platforms for business is its innovative features for business like the IGTV, Instagram guide, shopping stories, product tagging, and many more business tools. It has proven it can respond well to business requirements, continually improving its features to make the application better, easier and more effective to use. 

While all the above is true, you also need to understand that just by being on Instagram, your business won’t grow, you need to properly strategize content creation and utilize the platform to its fullest extent.  In addition Instagram should be just one source of traffic, a single marketing channel among the many.

To truely understand your customers you need effective customer analytics on your eCommerce store, that provides an overview of all your channels and enables you to drill down into the detail at the same time.  For example for the leading eCommerce platform Shopify, the Shopify app Conversific leads the way providing vital customer segmentation and clear data on customer behavior.

How to Grow Your eCommerce Business (with Instagram)

Revamp Your Profile and Bio

The first and the foremost step you are required to make is to switch your normal Instagram account to a business account, or make a new one after which you can start your Instagram Business Page. This will also be connected to your Facebook business page. You can do the same thing by going to the settings. The business account on Instagram provides you many attributes like promoting, selling, and advertising your products. It also provides some fundamental insights into your daily follower reach, growth in followers, time and place of active users, etc.

You will also need to upload a profile picture which can be your business logo, make sure that your logo is personalized and resembles what area of business you deal with. The logo should be attractive enough to leave a lasting impact on the audience so that they can remember your profile.

You also have an option to describe your eCommerce business in the bio section. Keep in mind that your bio is small and captivating, and detailed about what you do and what your business offers. 

If you don’t have more than ten thousand followers, you will be required to put the link of your eCommerce site in the bio itself. As soon as you cross the mark of ten thousand followers Instagram will enable more features for your business.

Plan Giveaways and Contests

Building your goodwill and trust in the eyes of your customer is the utmost priority of any business, thus these giveaways and contests can help you to do so. Try to plan such giveaways occasionally, where you can ask your followers to tag their friends or use personalized hashtags that will eventually promote your business page. Undoubtedly, everyone loves things for free, therefore this is one of the best ways to secure a healthy number of organic followers.

You can post some creative or graphic regarding your contest, make sure it is appealing, easy to notice and attractive enough to draw an audience to it. Mention the rules and regulations in the caption section with the winning prize which you might be giving to your audience for free. Such contests are a great way to increase your number of follows.

Build Your Social Identity

Creating your identity in the market can make you more swift, making your business run at great speed. You can do so by showcasing social proof to your audience. Display the product reviews you get through customers on stories, reels, or posts. The customers will eventually be allured when they will see other consumers happy. Thus, it will leave a psychological impact on the viewers.

Apart from this, your spontaneous growth is possible by regularly posting quality content and engaging regularly on the profile. It will also profit with good quality of followers as well as users. And as soon as your name gets out the market will be yours.

Post Interesting Stories

As an owner of an eCommerce business, you can use Instagram stories efficaciously in many ways.

1. You can share events or host live sessions to launch any of your new products.
2. You can have simple Q&A sessions or polls often to create good engagement. Q&A sessions also help you understand the needs of your customers.
3. You can promote your offers and product deals on stories, which is indeed a marvelous way to grow eCommerce business.
4. Try reposting user-generated stories which will help you in creating your goodwill thus giving social proof to your potential customers, making current consumers happy.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are similar to keywords in an article, they are one of the best ways to gain organic followers regularly and for free. You are allowed to use a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post. Make sure your hashtags are suitable and relatable to what you are posting or what your business is dealing with. If you are providing your services only in a selected region, country or state then try using hashtags that may attract the audience from that particular region.

You may use some evergreen hashtags like #instalove #instagrammers etc. to increase your reach. Use appropriate hashtags based on the number of followers you have and keep changing your hashtags often. You can also personalize your hashtag and ask your followers to keep using that now and then.

Above are a few tips which you can apply to enhance your eCommerce sales and compete proficiently in the market. If you have just commenced, try being consistent with your feed and engage regularly to grow faster and gain a sufficient number of followers before posting shoppable posts. Do not forget ever to use hashtags in your post.

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