Digital Marketing Strategies for eCommerce in 2021

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With COVID-19 protocols in place, customers and businesses alike have moved online. Now that there are more than 20 million existing eCommerce sites, Entrepreneur explains why digital marketing and digital marketing strategies have become so vital: – Digital marketing is more measurable and flexible than traditional marketing. 

While you can advertise on TV, radio, and magazines, it’s not as specific and targeted compared to digital ads and social media, where you can also see monitor impressions, clicks and conversion rates.  Your eCommerce data is a treasure trove, easily unlocked and interpreted with Conversific, so this should be your first step.

The main goal of an eCommerce brand is to attract buying customers, and here, – below are a few clear ways you can do that.  With the right digital marketing strategies and clearly defined personas (based upon your customer analytics), you can smash the average store return.

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Targeted Viral video marketing

One of our top digital marketing strategies is to use viral video marketing, here’s why. In 2020, 85% of businesses were using video as a marketing tool, it’s now one of the most popular forms of social media content, and also one of the most engaging forms of marketing. Videos encourage organic shares among your audience. 

Some popular videos that went viral in 2020 even outside their own countries include Old Spice’s The Old Spice Man and Panda Cheese’s Never Say No To Panda ads.

These videos capture an audience’s attention instantly, similar to the global phenomenon TikTok, which currently has over 800 million active users worldwide. Video providers are seeing how content from this app is spreading quickly through social media, and they hope to replicate this success in other digital marketing strategies. 

Ayima is a digital marketing firm specializing in performance SEO, analytics, and paid media, and highlights how even YouTube has presented itself as a platform for shorter, viral content:

YouTube Shorts are essentially catchy vertical videos up to 60 seconds in length, shot for mobile users. It’s a great platform for any eCommerce store that wants to get ahead, particularly as TikTok is being banned across many countries.

More engaging product descriptions

Product descriptions can make or break your customers’ decision to buy your products. A title and a picture could be ignored, and poor descriptions grab their attention. 

In our ‘How to Write Product Descriptions’ post, the first step to making a good product description is knowing your consumers. Donald Martins, an eCommerce blogger, explains: “The last thing you want is to advertise to a group of people that don’t understand your product. 

By understanding your target audience, you’ll understand what they like and don’t like, and you’ll be able to explain how your product fits into their lifestyle.” 

A good product description doesn’t only describe the product it focuses on the important details that make the product unique, such as the self-cleaning or wireless features on a new gadget. 

Tell them how they would benefit from buying your product. However, don’t get too carried away writing large product descriptions. Ideally, they shouldn’t take any more than three minutes to read.

Partnering with influencers

Many eCommerce brands have trouble creating enough content to support their marketing efforts. Influencer marketing solves this, as it is one of the most effective ways to spread awareness about your brand. The Next Scoop lists some of the benefits to collaborating with influencers including having a ready made audience. Influencers are content creators, each with their own unique style, effectively supporting your content strategy by making original content for your products, and churning out a steady stream of high-quality content for their audience. Even though influencers might not promote your brand directly, they are putting your products in the spotlight and adding value to them through tutorials and product reviews. Influencers have followers who trust them, so they can create a buzz around your products, boosting sales in the process. 2020 has caused an influx of businesses to shift online. However, online trends are always shifting, and these trends should be adopted as quickly as possible in order to stay ahead of the competition. So, make sure you research into how else Conversific can help you!

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