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Today, we are releasing what we consider one of our most substantial features to date – The Conversific 4.0.

Custom date ranges, custom segments, custom tables, and many little surprises which make the new Conversific more user-friendly and customizable, still more easy to use and lightweight than ever.

Let’s take a look at them in more detail… 

Custom Date ranges

Achieving the highest level of functionality and maintaining the simplicity of the system is the biggest challenge we’re facing day by day.

The custom date range feature was consistently ranked among our top feature requests since pretty much day one, but we wanted to do it right.

We heard your voice, and now it’s available to set up custom date ranges in every report or segment. From now on, you rule the time ⌛

custom date range conversific

If you want to compare your last year’s Black Friday campaign with the results of previous years, you can make it without the heavy lifting.


The custom date ranges also means, that from today, we’ll download your data every day, not just one time a week! 🎉

Custom segments 

Creating segments yourself can be a challenging and time-consuming process, and to start you off on the right foot, we created over 30 pre-defined segments.

The new Conversific lets you customize not only the date ranges but the segments as well. We’ve figured out, that all that e-commerce data without the ability to filter through it is useless.  

From now on, Conversific provides a robust filtering system, allowing you to segment orders, customers, products, and more with ease.

custom segments in conversific

Give me an example. 


Let's say you wanted to find all customers that have made a purchase last year (so relatively recent), have spent over $400, but made just 1 order.

Once you have the list of this customers, you can export them to a CSV or XLS, upload the list to your email marketing app like Klaviyo or Mailchimp, and send an email with a coupon code to every customer.

Then watch the 💵 rollin’

New dimension: Order Analytics

So far, you have had the opportunity to analyze products, customers, and categories. Welcome the new member of the family, the order analytics.

order report


Thanks to our unique report, you’ll find all the essential information about your orders in a quick overview.

You can breakdown your orders in several ways, by Sales or Marketing channels, by order status or shipping country.

And you can segment your orders also

High-value orders? Low value, with or without coupons? From Organic Channel or Paid Search? Fulfilled successfully or partially refunded? Find out with ease and get the info y’all team needs in real-time.

order segmentation in conversific

Thanks to the order heatmap, you can see how your orders are distributed in time. You might want to concentrate your ad spending on the most active time periods.

orderd heatmap


Advanced Yet Intuitive Breakdowns

If you were open-eyed, you might have spotted this easter egg in the previous section.

Use our unique Product, Customer, and Order Reports for checking a different section you’ve defined previously.

report breakdown

Choose between the different types of breakdowns Reports. The reports could be based on: 


There are special tables, where you can implement breakdowns also.
The orders table could be based on:

Charts are more detailed than ever

So far, you had the opportunity to check only predefined breakdowns on the charts. From now on, there are available options to see the charts in daily or monthly analysis to get all the context you currently need.

new chart

You’ll be able to compare the actual period you’ll looking with the previous period and the data from previous year.

(Note: Do you want to see them live? If you already have a Conversific account, just log in. Otherwise, you can create a free account now.)


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+1 What’s more in the pipeline?

We hope you love our newest improvements! That’s it for today but we are continuously working on adding more and more new features. 

Not just the winter, but more powerful features are coming soon:

  • COGS and Profit Report

  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily Email Reports

  • Real-time Dashboard

  • Site Performance Report

  • Onsite Search Report

  • Refund Report

….and many more!

(Pssst: If you have any better ideas, vote it up on the Wantoo Board.)

Stay tuned 😉


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