Customer Success Story - How to Increase Revenue with Conversific

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What makes the difference between success and failure in eCommerce, far too often we see the get rich drop shipping approach fail due to failure to launch.In this customer success story we share with you the story of RMekszer and the owners journey to success, told from the founders perspective in an interview with Milan Orosz, co-founder of   Milan, great to meet you. Why don’t we start by you telling me a little bit about you and your business?

Milan: Before we launched RMekszer, my wife Marta was a co-founder of another online store, but she wanted to take control of her own life, so she created her own online store. I quit my job shortly afterward and joined her to make her dream come true.

At first, we sold her own handcrafted products and had to face every e-commerce store owners nightmare. We had to work in various areas from manufacturing to marketing. As manufacturers, we encountered that the possibilities to support handmade products look like some kind of Mission impossible movie.  Learning from past mistakes, we decided to change our company’s philosophy and become a reseller. This way we can offer manufacturers a platform to join and sell their own products.

Now RMekszer is not just a regular reseller online store because we filter and qualify our manufacturers. Now we are working with 24 different and qualified manufacturers and provide a whole country with handmade pieces of jewelry.

How long have you been doing this?

For 4 years. We established RMekszer in 2014.

Oh, that’s awesome, congratulations. You’ve experienced hot and cold as well, haven’t you?

Of course, we have. We’ve been burning the candle at both ends trying to get the business going.

What do you mean by this?

We have 12.000 different types of product, from 24 different manufacturers and we manage the whole process with my wife. The analysis and database monitoring required an entire week from one of us to get relevant inventory and product information. It was a necessary but time-consuming task to plan and coordinate the production and strategy. Due to making products, the conversion optimization become the top priority instead of maximizing the production.

It is a tough job running your own business. I think most entrepreneurs would agree. Could you explain to me why this process took a week?

We use several data sources with different datasets, like Google Analytics, an inventory management system, our online store, etc. Merging all of these data, analyzing the results and get the right insights took a lot of time. And the sad part was that by the time the process was completed, we should’ve started it over again.

We had to figure it out how to make it faster and get the right information in time about the performance of our huge stock.

And how could you solve this?

We’ve started to use Conversific. 🙂

For our pleasure. 🙂 Can you tell me how did you start working with Conversific?

We were so delighted when we had the opportunity to use Conversific, and we immediately felt that it would help us a lot in everyday work. This application has a complete module with full of charts and KPIs about product optimization and performance that used to take a week for us to make.

After the registration and data connections, the system is ready-to-use and we can accurately analyze what our top products are, or which needs to be more emphasized.

First, we were able to use only one week’s data. But we experienced that it was a too short period to get relevant insights for planning our producing strategy because we have seasonal products. Afterward, we could see data from the whole year.

That’s sound great, and it is faster than the method you used before. How do you analyze with Conversific now?

With this feature, Conversific gets the monkey off our back and saves us a weekly time-consuming task. Now the analyzing process takes only a few clicks. I log in my account, pick the right period and select the Product Optimization module. And that’s it!

Wow, only 4 clicks to get the insights you need. That’s unbelievable! Have you ever tried the other modules or only the product optimization?

Sure we have tried! I use all of them in the different parts of the planning process and for other store management issues.

How do you use these results?

We’ve built them into our management and strategy planning process. As I previously mentioned, we work with 24 different manufacturers and sell about 12.000 different items of jewelry. With such numbers, our work gets easier, and it helps to keep jewelry making in our hand because creators need to be controlled, and we really have to buckle down. In the meantime, we are coordinating the manufacturers and advising them which products should be produced in a greater number, based on the sales numbers and conversion rates from Conversific.

 In addition to product optimization, insights also help our marketing and content management. Our marketers create content that is relevant to the best performing products, or they publish and advertise on social media or on our blog, based on which product has a better conversion rate.
Additionally, we export segments of customers who’ve ordered more than once from the Customer Optimization module to send them personalized emails.

SEO Keyword Productivity’s lists help us to write unique and search engine optimized product descriptions for the key products using the SEO keywords Conversific suggested.

Furthermore, we use Conversific’s insights during our annual strategy planning to determine which products should we focus on and which ones should be removed from our product range.

What would happen if you could not use Conversific anymore?

Well, don’t speak of the devil! I couldn’t even imagine a day without Conversific.

It is great to hear. Why do you think that?

We see all the essential information in seconds. We don’t have to wait for each other to get the right insights, just log into Conversific and get the information we want.

Now my colleagues can focus on activities with higher added value than time-consuming analytical tasks. I bet using Conversific is way more useful than mocking Excels.

Ok, Milan, that’s great, but how has using Conversific changed your KPI’s?

Of course, everyone is interested in numbers, so let me show you our income changes between June 2017 and May 2018 versus the previous time period! 🙂

Thank you Milan, for participating and providing your customer success story.

Peter Meleska