11x Best Video Marketing Tools

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Digital video marketing is considered one of the most effective ways of promoting and launching both products and brands nowadays. 

Based on customer analytics data, any organization can create bespoke messages to influence, attract and educate their consumer groups by using attractive videos. In recent years, videos have successively driven more sales, and traffic to business websites and eCommerce stores. 

Studies show that around 4 billion people on the earth are watching videos on a regular basis, which is directly impacting the growth of social media channels. 

The latest generation of video marketing tools have made it easier than ever to create great video content.

Below is the list of top free video marketing tools for 2021 (free option) that we hope will guide you in choosing the right one. 

Video Marketing

Video marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing strategy. Videos can assist us in promotional activities of products and services by reaching the target audience and increasing engagement on the websites and social media.

Videos are slowly emerging as the fastest growing digital channel for audience engagement.
In order to promote the best video marketing strategy, let us have a look over the best free video marketing tools out there in 2021. However, at the maximum, these tools is partially free but not completely free.

Best Free Video Marketing Tools

Biteable is reckoned as a video editing, making, and marketing software that offers you the provision of creating a professional video in the shortest possible amount of time. With many in-built templates, video creation and distribution is made easy. 

Some of the special benefits and features of it are: 

  • It has the ability to create mesmerizing modern videos in a few minutes. 
  • You can easily choose your style, insert content, utilize your brand and logo reveal to offer a professional video and then share it with everyone. 
  • This tool is filled with footage, real-life stock animations, clips, and countless templates. 
  • You are enabled to create custom content here with the usage of photos, mix-clips, and products. You can also make simple personalization. 

With 2 other paid plans, this tool also offers a free trial.


Animaker is considered as a platform that is both applicable for beginners, and professionals along with non-designers. It offers the provision of 6 different styles out of which 720 types of animated videos can be made.
The software is user-friendly and inclusive of various functionalities like click-choose, drag-drop, edit, play, etc. The client list includes the likes of Google, Verizon, FedEx, Dell, CISCO, Uber, Walmart, Pepsi, etc 

Features include:

  • Professional features include recording, camera in and out, multi-move, curve, transition effects to provide best animations.
  • This software offers text support for more than 50 languages, along with custom font support and RTL language font support.
  • The library of it is considered as the world’s largest one where the user can find a collection of animated characters, properties, backgrounds, icons, etc.
  • There are also certain enterprise features that are installed in this software. Those are task management, file management, in-app messenger, end to end visual solution, multi-user collaboration.

Along with other paid plans, it also offers the provision of 1 free trial plan with 5 downloads per month.

Hippo Video is popularly reckoned as a video distributional and personalizing platform which offers various provisions like video hosting, ABM, video selling, video support, video email campaigns, etc. It can purchase the users’ video projects and can enhance the marketing, sales, and email campaign of any organization.

Some of its most essential features are:

  • It offers you the provision of creating and editing videos with the option of quick editing methods like trimming, cutting, cropping, and adding along with professional editing formats equipped with unlimited tracks, background music, narration over, etc. 
  • It proffers the availability of exporting and embedding videos to Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, Websites, and Social Media Channels which can be portrayed on every screen. 
  • Here you can share your contents with premium privacy and end-to-end protection. The user can also set an expiry date for the video link. 
  • You can analyse your videos with real-time engagement graphs and user views. 
  • You are also enabled to host your videos on the cloud with a properly secured infrastructure. 
  • It offers you the additional advantages of guest recording, smart integrations, marketplace integration, and categorical organization or videos. 

Hippo offers free unlimited videos and 100 GB bandwidth.

Loom helps you to record and share a screen instantly. Through Loom, the user can easily send messages across as well as they can communicate with the customers easily. 

Some of the precious benefits and features of it are: 

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Option to record and watch as many videos as possible
  • Password Protection Facility
  • Benefit of communicating through expressive and effective videos 
  • Fast video recording and sharing option 
  • Organized folder movement choice.

Loom offers a free starter plan for 25 creators. 

Powtoon offers the provision of creating videos and presentations instantly and promptly. Powtoon can be recognized as a perfect software for personal, professional, and educational works as you have the freedom to captivate, explain and engage your presence in various sectors like Marketing, HR, IT, and training.
It has the following features to offer:

  • You can make a lasting impact using this software’s tools. 
  • Facilities of an offline presentation, WYSIWYG editor, screen sharing option, image library, hierarchical view. 
  • Various flexible available options like collaboration tools, customizable branding, search functionality, data import and export authority, etc. 
  • Other advantages like content management, project templates, communication management, video management, and video editing. 
  • Benefit of drag and drop, two-factor authentication and project planning, etc. 

Powtoon offers the provision of one free plan with 3 minutes of video.

Descript is reckoned as a video editor that proffers simple media editing for businesses, podcasters, and vloggers. 

It also offers you the multiple provision of screen recorder, artificial intelligence to insert user’s voice, multitrack editing, and publishing. 

The primary features and advantages of it are: 

  • Option of recording your screen or mic from anywhere in the world. 
  • Opportunity of editing videos and podcasts along with adding titles, effects, and images. 
  • Option to omit any words or phrases as well as overdub when necessary. 
  • Choice of publishing and sharing videos anywhere.
  • Alternative of exporting videos to any editing suite. 

This software also offers a free plan.

Vidyard is widely reckoned as a business platform that helps in attracting customers. The CRM tools record information, data, and trends. It is also recognized as an effective video marketing tool that grants uploading and downloading of videos, customization, great browser compatibility. It can also measure video effectiveness.

  • It offers the best CTAs, 360 customer videos, and 4K support. 
  • The user can adjust the speed of the playback. Alongshore, they can manage videos from one location and create a relevant video. 
  • It offers the provision of analytical data with reporting and insight. 
  • Various facilities like multiple accounts, players, users, and encoding rates. 
  • Other advantages include video collaboration, syndication, popup call to action, and secured hosting. 

The software offers 1 free plan.

With the creation of professional videos, Animoto is considered as a video marketing software that enhances business growth and audience engagement. 

The finest of its features and benefits are as follows:

  • It offers different provisions like templates, high-tech videos, several memory styles, colour customization, and a font library. 
  • Facility of more than 3000 commercially accredited music tracks, pre-designed marketing storyboards, landscapes, and square marketing videos. 
  • Opportunity of enjoying unlimited video creation associated with brand colours. 

The sign-up and creation of videos are free here.

With the optimization of creating professional and mesmerizing animated videos through in-built templates, Wideo is considered as one of the best online animation video software where you can create both promotional and marketing videos. The videos here are equipped with the topmost functionalities and brilliant features. 

The very refined features of it are: 

  • Choice of utilizing in-built templates, speed controlling animation, and drag and drop interface. 
  • Option of spelling check, scene oriented templates, video embedment, and folder management. 
  • Facility of YouTube share, object search, uploading button, and key-frame omission. 

It only offers a free trial for 7 days.

With the facility of permitting video customization, video SEO, and lead engagement, Wistia is widely recognized as a video software marketing tool that is primarily made for various businesses to host video services to different industries.

It also offers the provision of brand awareness, market performance checks, and an analytical view. 

The most authentic features of it are as follows:

  • Provision of entirely customized players, limitless users, and rudimentary integrations. 
  • Facility of simple embedment and sharing, lead generative tools, and progressive video analytics. 
  • Advantages of high definition bandwidth discovery, collaboration, cross-device harmony, and A/B testing. 
  • Benefits of video heating maps, trend viewing, SEO and call to action tools, etc. 

The free plan of this software consists of all standard features.


The above top video marketing tools provide the means by which customers can create exceptional product video marketing content, providing value to their business.

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