Announcing an all-new Conversific:
A better way to grow your online store

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Introducing a brand new Conversific – a complete set of tools to help you identify opportunities, optimize your traffic and conversion, and grow your e-commerce business.

Since our beginnings we believe that ecommerce analytics shouldn’t be hard, and we want to empower the average online business with Amazon-like superpowers. So you can focus on what really matters.

Our team has been working incredibly hard over the last 7 months bringing this release to life. It is the biggest project we’ve ever taken on at Conversific.

We hope you’ll love it!

Ready-to-use report packs

We reorganized our reports into separate report packs, all focusing on a single question, like “where do my customers come from” (Traffic Report), or “who are my customers” (Customer Reports).

We have redesigned all of these reports. We have cut down on the noise made it easier to see the point, added new metrics and KPIs for making the reports more relevant also they got a brand new look.

There are 12 report packs ready already: (list updated May 2021)

Revenue goal tracking

The Executive Report got completely overhauled. Now you are able to set up a yearly revenue goal, and track your results accordingly.

You are also able to check how you are doing against your quarterly and weekly goals – the yearly goal is broken down for you automatically.

See how well you are doing (compared to your competitors)

Previously you have been able to compare your most important KPIs with your competition’s here and there. Now we have a whole category built for benchmarks only.

From now on you are going to see how your store ranks against other stores in your industry most relevant to yours.

Insights & Achievements

You’ve been asking for more insights, so more insights is what we have given you, actually a whole page of them!

Now, Conversific is able to analyze not only your data, but how the data collecting sources have been set up. For example you can instantly see if something is wrong with your Google Analytics settings and Conversific notifies you in the form of Alerts.

We also provide awesome insights from app partners like Gorgias Shopify live chat app to help you make sense of your data with actionnable benchmark.

You’ll get insights about what causes you to lose revenue and how you can fix it.

You’ll also learn how to make the appropriate changes in your settings for a more quality data flow.

You can see, warnings, opportunities and earn badges here.

You can earn badges by reaching achievements. Motivation is quite important when it comes to building an online empire. These badges can help you remember the road behind you and set milestones for the journey ahead.

Product Analytics

The analytics part of Conversific can be used to dig deeper and find product insights that help you manage inventory, make pricing decisions, understand seasonal buying trends, and increase your bottom line.

Customer Analytics

The better you know someone, the easier it is to sell to them. For each of your customers, Conversific builds a detailed view of their actions, their contact details, their order history, product interaction and revenue.

Fast, Faster … Version 3.0

To top off things we have improved our overall page load times, now they are 325% faster. So you are going to be able to access your reports, insights 3 and a quarter times quicker than before!

Just click here and check out your brand new reports!

This was the summary of our latest release yet. Thanks for reading it!12

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