8 Ways eCommerce Brands Can Grow
Email List Subscription

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The importance of email marketing for eCommerce brands is hard to overestimate. According to statistics, email marketing contributes up to 20% of traffic driving, thereby eCommerce sales. Also, it’s known that 61% of online shoppers prefer to be contacted by a eCommerce brand by email.

If you want to get the most of email marketing, you should boost your subscriber counts first. Here are eight ways to grow your email list and maximize your marketing efforts.

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The best ecommerce brands don't ask too much

Don’t make the mistake that other eCommerce brands tend to make. Do not force your customers to provide the email, full name, occupation, and other personal information.

Modern people do care about cybersecurity. And they avoid the websites that ask to share personal data.

So if you do not want to scare your visitors away, do not ask them to provide the information that you do not really need. The first name and email are sufficient for you, so go ahead to use them.

Show popups at the right moment

To grow your email list, you should use popups and do it wisely. You should monitor the behavior of the website visitors using such tools as OptiMonk, and trigger your on-site message exactly when visitors take a specific action.

Depending on who your target audience is, and what content you have on your site, you may customize your popup in the following ways. You can show your message after a visitor has scrolled down on your page at least X percent, or after X seconds of browsing a specific page, or at the moment a visitor is about to leave your site. It’s highly recommended to split test various options and choose the one that works the best for you.

Don’t irritate your website visitors

It’s worth mentioning that your popups must be reasonably sized and easy-to-close. Also, they should appear once or twice only. Otherwise, they will irritate website visitors that will cause an increase in bounce rate.

In other words, you should use a popup that grabs the attention, but do not disturb the user experience. Popup should look catchy, but not to be intrusive.

Offer a discount

If you don’t know how to convince people to subscribe to your newsletters, try to offer a valuable reward. It can be a coupon, special discount, free shipping, or any other reward that has a monetary value. It will incite the interest to your brand and will help you to grow your email list faster.

If you want to make it work, ensure that your special offer has a value in the eyes of the customers. For instance, if you sell watches that cost more than $1,000, don’t offer a $5 discount. To spark interest, you should provide 10% or 20% off on the next order.

Jennifer Wilson, a marketer at WritingJudge, has this to say about using monetary incentives: “Don’t rush to offer big discounts. Calculate ROI of your list building efforts before making any decisions. And make sure that your generosity will not lead you to bankruptcy”.

Choose the right words

If you want to collect more emails, you should use the call to actions that appeal to your target audience. You should choose the words that trigger the action. To achieve the best results, do not use the word “Subscribe”. Focus on your customers’ wants and needs. For instance, if you offer your customers to get coupons in exchange for emails, then the CTA button should say “Get $20 Off”. Do your customers really want to receive emails from your eCommerce brand? No, they don’t. But do they want to get a coupon? Yes, they definitely do. So if you change the word “Subscribe” to “Get $20 Off”, you will double the results.

Use a signup footer form

There are lots of ways to grow your email list. But the simplest way is to use a signup footer form. It’s the least intrusive approach to invite your customers to subscribe to your newsletters. And it works great!

All the customers that use this signup form are really interested in getting emails from your eCommerce brand. It means that if you grow your email list using a signup footer form, you will significantly boost your future email marketing efforts.

Give freedom of choice

Don’t force your visitors to subscribe. Let them make their own decisions. Let users choose what kind of emails they want to see in their inbox.

Yep, you’ve got it right. If you give your customers more freedom of choice, they will be more likely to click the “subscribe” button.

Here is an example. Zara offers its customers to choose their favorite department before the subscription. And this little trick helps to grow the email list. When customers have a few options to consider, they see subscription as their own conscious decision, not the decision imposed by marketers.

Run a giveaway on social media

Your customers adore giveaways even more than you can imagine. And they will not miss a chance to get a great product for free.

So if you want to grow your email list, you should organize a giveaway that requires users to check the link in your bio and sign up for emails. Yep, it’s that simple. You provide a chance to win a valuable prize – and get dozens of emails in return.

You can host a giveaway by yourself. Or, if you have too few followers on social media, you can collaborate with the influencers in your niche. It will help you not only grow your email list but also raise brand awareness.

Wrapping it up

You don’t have to be a marketing guru to understand how to boost your subscriber counts. You just need to analyze the online behavior of your target audience and funnel your efforts in the right direction. Follow the tips given in this article, and you will face no difficulties in growing your email list for your eCommerce brand.

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