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Your Ecommerce Business in 2020

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Ecommerce marketing can be extremely complicated and time-consuming, so dedicated software is a necessity for any ecommerce store. These tools facilitate a wide range of tasks including everything from email and social media marketing to customer relations and marketing analytics.

This article will cover some of the top marketing tools for the ecommerce business to consider in 2020 and beyond. Each program offers unique pros and cons, so it’s important to find one that matches your company’s budget, scale, and marketing goals.

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This tool is the most important decision making tool for Shopify merchants.  Don’t rely on Shopify data alone when you don’t need to!  By using Conversific you can integrate your Google Analytics data with your Shopify data in a single unified data display within the Conversific Analytics dashboard.

All eCommerce decisions should be based upon data, however it is your understanding of the data rather than the raw data itself that informs decisions.

Here at Conversific we have mastered eCommerce data so you don’t have to become a data scientist.  For a complete, holistic understanding of your customer base, choose Conversific before anything else.


While multi-channel marketing is more effective than single-channel marketing, omnichannel strategies are becoming more and more popular as marketers recognize the importance of a cohesive customer experience. Omnisend is designed from the ground up to facilitate sophisticated omnichannel marketing across a variety of platforms.

Omnichannel marketing allows you to interact seamlessly across channels and develop campaigns from the customer’s perspective. Omnisend aims to help businesses bring leads through the sales journey, and it includes features tailored to each step of that process.

For example, Omnisend’s email capture forms make it even easier for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. From there, you can set up omnichannel automation to build better audience relationships and convert subscribers into loyal customers.

Omnisend currently offers three subscriptions. Pricing depends on your tier as well as your subscriber count. The free plan is limited to email campaigns with a maximum of 2,000 daily and 15,000 monthly emails.

Standard allows for up to three users and adds support for SMS campaigns along with additional features. Pro works with all of Omnisend’s supported channels including Facebook and push notifications. For a brand with 10,000 subscribers, Standard and Pro cost $102 and $210 per month.


While Omnisend focuses on optimizing omnichannel campaigns, Gorgias is designed to streamline customer service and reduce overhead. It currently supports integrated support through email, live chat, and Facebook Messenger along with robust automation.

Gorgias automatically categorizes inquiries and ensures each customer is directed to the right person. It can also respond to a variety of simple customer questions, giving your team additional time to handle more complicated situations.

Furthermore, Gorgias stores a thorough lead history for every customer, maintaining a consistent profile across all channels. This feature can make you more efficient and ensure that everyone on your team has access to the information they need to offer helpful customer support.

You can integrate Gorgias with many other ecommerce solutions, making it incredibly easy to implement for vendors of all sizes. The program currently works with more than 30 applications including Shopify, Gmail, Slack, Instagram, Facebook, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.

Basic, the cheapest Gorgias subscription, costs $60 per month and comes with up to 350 monthly tickets. Additional tickets are available at $25 for each 100 after 350.

You can upgrade to Pro for $300 per month to access 2000 monthly tickets. At this tier, each set of 100 tickets drops to $23. Advanced costs $750 per month, raises the limit to 6000 tickets per month, and charges just $14 for sets of 100 tickets.

If you need more than 6000 monthly tickets, consider contacting Gorgias directly for information about an enterprise solution. These plans come with a dedicated automation specialist and allow you to pay for a custom ticket volume.


SixAds is one of the top ad networks for ecommerce vendors. In exchange for adding marketing content and product placement to your own site, you’ll receive high-quality traffic from other stores in your niche and related fields.

This strategy is modeled after shopping malls, which help stores generate more sales by putting them in close proximity. SixAds users can fine-tune their approach to online ads with a variety of tools. For example, you’ll be able to advertise specific products in the stores you think are most likely to have a similar audience.

SixAds is compatible with numerous ecommerce storefronts such as Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce. You’ll be able to add a subscription to your existing practices without making any major changes. SixAds also comes with comprehensive marketing analytics to help evaluate your results.

One unique benefit of SixAds is that marketing on other sites is completely free at an exchange rate of one to one. In short, you can pay by placing ads on your own site rather than paying for a certain number of ads. Of course, you can always buy additional impressions if you need more outreach.


Smile.io offers highly customizable loyalty programs to keep customers interested in your brand and give them an incentive to keep making purchases. Existing customers are far more likely to buy products than new leads, so it’s important for ecommerce brands to focus on retention along with acquisition.

The Smile.io point system rewards users for everything from creating an account to writing product reviews and following you on social media. This keeps them engaged and reduces the chance that they’ll switch to a competitor. There’s also a VIP program designed to maximize the value of your most loyal customers.

Word of mouth marketing can be incredibly valuable, and Smile.io makes it easy to offer rewards to both referrers and referrals. For example, you could give both parties a one-time discount, significantly increasing your referral volume.

Smile.io comes in five plans. Free users can create points and referral programs, but are limited to default reward emails and don’t have access to more advanced features. At $49 per month, Starter includes program branding, customizable reward emails, and email support.

Growth costs $199 per month and introduces sophisticated tools like advanced reward conditions, expiration dates for points, and analytics dashboards. For $599 per month, you can upgrade to Pro for a VIP program, unlimited apps, and access to a success manager.

Finally, large-scale users can create an Enterprise plan with customizable scaling and pricing.  Enterprise members also get a few exclusive features including custom reports, API access, and a dedicated success manager with quarterly checkups.


OptiMonk offers a full suite of customer engagement features that are built to get your customer to sign up for your newsletter and build a conversion funnel with micro-conversions (magnet links) at each stage of the funnel with each micro-conversion triggering the next stage when the triggering criteria are met.

With everything you need to capture your visitor’s email address and with additional custom fields you may need, OptiMonk provides easy-to-use popups, embedded messages, sliding side messages, notification bars that don’t impede on UX, and full screen opt-in boxes all of which come with a range of triggering options including exit intent.

The most advantageous part of OptiMonk is that you don’t need to know how to code to create any of these elements. Simply use their Advanced drag and drop builder to customize the email capture elements to your branding and voilà! Almost everything is customizable so you won’t have to worry about it looking out of place or breaking your UX.

OptiMonk offers five main pricing plans, including a Forever Free plan that allows you to use their features for up to 3000 pageviews if you’re just getting started. From there, the Essential plan, starting at $29 per month, increases that limit to 25K pageviews and adds A/B Testing.

The Growth plan at $79 per month increases the limit to 100K pageviews, adds more domains, custom variables, and more. The Premium plan in OptiMonk starts at $199 per month and includes everything in Growth, plus you can remove OptiMonk branding and get 500K pageviews.

With these plans, you can easily scale your email capture efforts as you grow. OptiMonk is definitely worth a look for anyone serious about their email marketing strategy.


Automation is critical for scalable marketing strategies, and companies that continue to run manual campaigns are quickly falling behind the competition. These are just a few of the most powerful tools for ecommerce brands in 2020.

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