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Conversific is a novel all-in-one marketing and profit analytics tool based on data-science superpowers. It assists you to optimize your traffic and conversion to catapult your online sales.📈

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Shopify / WooCommerce profit analytics

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Competitor analysis for eCommerce

Industry benchmarks: competitor analysis for eCommerce

Learn from industry benchmarks on a daily basis!

What is a good repeat customer rate in your industry? What do your competitors do better? Do they sell with bigger cart values or have a lower cart abandonment rate? What are their average orders per day? Do they run paid ads with higher ROI?

Are you sure your customers wouldn't spend more?

You can increase your sales by up to 40% if you reach visitors at the time they are most likely to purchase from your store!

Imagine if you would knew that your customers are most likely to buy your products at 8 pm on Wednesday nights. Wouldn’t it be easier to sell by scheduling your newsletter or increasing your ad spend for that time frame!?

Order time heatmap for your online store by Conversific
Package Offers to increase your Average Order Value

Discover the products that you can pack together to increase your Average Order Value!

See which products your customers are buying together the most, and use this insight to create new packages! You can easily double the average value of your orders.

Increase the conversion rate of your online store

Where do you lose most of your money? See instantly how you can generate much more revenue from visitors you already have without spending more on advertising!

The conversion rate of your online store: purchase funnel

Where does most of your revenue come from? Online store analysis by traffic source

Annoyed by separately analyzing Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, and Facebook ads one by one?
Learn effortlessly which channel brings the most money and focus on it!

Online store analysis by traffic source

Don’t leave money on the table! Get actionable insights on how to increase your profit immediately with the least investment

Accelerate your growth with recommendations on how to improve your online store prioritized by ROI. Greatly minimize the risk of losing capital by knowing what actions bring the most income.

Actionable insights - improve your online store

Conversific Profit Analytics & Benchmark for eCommerce in a nutshell

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Exhausted by trying to catch up with increasing costs, and going blind on what brings your true profit?

If you find your current business operation unpredictable, too complex, or risky and to-dos are eating away your time, it’s time to take back control, and dominate your market with Conversific!

All your eCommerce data in one place

Works directly with your existing Google Analytics, Search Console, store data, and other integrations, therefore:

eCommerce site speed

It does not slow or affect your site at all.

eCommerce data integration Google and online store

No code embed is needed.

eCommerce marketing and profit analytics Conversific integration

Installable literally with a few clicks.

Online store integration in 2 steps in 2 minutes

eCommerce online store integration - Google Analytics, Search Console, Shopify, WooCommerce

Step #1: Connect your data sources

Connect seamlessly your Shopify or WooCommerce online store, then your Google Analytics, Search Console, and Facebook advertising accounts with a few clicks.

Step #2: Voila!

Enjoy transparency and simplicity! Everything is ready to increase your income!

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