A new and better way to grow eCommerce Conversion

An all-new Conversific is here. We’ll analyze your data for you so you can focus on what matters the most.

Analytics made easy

What good are metrics for if you can’t make decisions based on those metrics?

Explanations and next steps based on your data. No more manual data analysis and wasted hours looking for insights.

Analyze less. Succeed more.

Compare yourself with your peers

Your data in context.

Comparing yourself with your competitors via our benchmark system is an unfair advantage.

See the future!

Not kiddin’.

Conversific’s forecast puts you back in the driving seat with accurate sales, orders and new customer predictions.

Half of your marketing budget
is wasted

We help you find which one

You’ll be able to tell in seconds which are the best and worst marketing channels for your business and crush your ROI.

Better data.
Higher revenue.

You already have LOTS of individual data.
We combine all of your data and make it more meaningful.

Choose the plan which works best for you


3,000 orders/year
Max 2 stores
  • Original price:





12,000 orders/year
Max 5 stores
  • Original price: 





30,000 orders/year
Max 10 stores
  • Original price: 




30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Sign up for Conversific Today and you’ll be covered by our 30 days hassle-free money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not happy with Conversific, simply contact our friendly support staff and we will promptly give you a full refund.

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Over 6,000 e-commerce stores

of all sizes use Conversific to understand their customers better

Q & A

How is Conversific different from Google Analytics?

Conversific helps you to keep it simple with an all-in-one user-friendly dashboard. We aggregate your data along with your e-commerce platform, Search Console & Facebook ads account.

How can I pay for Conversific?

We accept payments by credit or debit card. A subscription will be automatically charged from your card which you can cancel anytime. Your payment is secured by Braintree Payment (PayPal Company).

Which Ecommerce platforms do you integrate with?Curretnly with Shopify, WooCommerce & Shoprenter. More such integrations (Magento,BigCommerce) are planned.

Will I understand Conversific? I’m not a data scientist…You don’t have to be. With Google Analytics sometimes it feels like you need a PhD to understand it. With Conversific It takes only minutes and you will see a comprehensive view of your store’s performance.

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