5 mistakes ecommerce owners make with Google Analytics

The 5 Mistakes Most Ecommerce Owners Make with Google Analytics (and How to Avoid Them)

Google Analytics! It’s everywhere. If you’re not using it, you’ve probably read about it or heard about it from another business owner. After its launch in 2005, Google Analytics quickly became the most popular tool to measure website traffic, and it continues to dominate as the biggest reporting platform for online performance metrics. It’s no […]

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30+ Must-Measure eCommerce KPIs You Should be Tracking in 2017

Do you know what makes your eCommerce store successful? Which strategies work best to increase your revenue? Understanding what’s driving your business is the key to ensuring future growth. Measuring performance can help you grow your revenue, but only when you track the right Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. You can measure dozens of different […]

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